Friday, 12 February 2016

Which Shoe for You?

We are lucky to have a great team of experienced paddlers who are always on the water, testing our products in extreme conditions week in week out.

So which shoe do they use when they go paddling?

James Hill

"The Astral Brewer. The shoe that will not die!"

"I brought my Brewers two years ago, just before a 16 day trip down the Grand Canyon and a couple of months in Chile.

Since then they have been to Italy and the French Alps twice, spent a couple of months in Mexico, became my go to mountain bike shoe, and now get me to the pub and back in one piece!

The first three months of their life were tough. After freezing temperatures in the Grand Canyon, and solid boating and travelling in South America they achieved a rugged, worn appearance quite quickly but they have stayed in tact the whole time. The grip has proved itself worthy on most surface known to man and is only now showing signs of thinning.

I can still wear them on the river, on the bike, or in the pub two years later!
I can't ask for much more than that."

Eddy Mead

"My current favourite shoe by far is the Palm Camber."

"The Camber is super lightweight, so great for getting in and out of the boat. The sole is meant to be less grippy than the Palm Gradient shoes, but it is still plenty grippy on loose, wet slippy rocks. 

They look great and have a slightly lower profile than the other shoes on the market."

"Close second is the Gradient boot. These are built solid with some serious grip. The weight of these things still surprise me as they weigh next to nothing, which is great for a boot. 

If you are after a little more ankle support then go for the boot, if not the shoe version is just as good!"

Tom Ruddy

"The Astral Rassler, every time!"

"Such a great boot for white water kayaking. The high ankle has protected me on a number of occasions, and makes life a lot more comfortable on a portage and even just sitting in a boat.

I bought a pair of Rasslers last year to replace my old worn out shoes, after having a couple of nasty slips resulting in a few cuts, bruises, and a bad mood!
The Astral Rasslers did not disappoint.

They are super grippy underfoot, and really tough so you barely feel the rocks underneath.

So far I've managed to put them through their paces in a very wet Wales this winter. The boots drain and dry out really quickly afterwards, and to this day I still haven't fallen!"


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