Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Exploring Witches Cauldron

A new favourite spot?

Over the last fortnight Gareth has been back and forth to the Witches Cauldron to explore the awe inspiring cave systems, located on the South West Wales coastline.

Truly breathtaking scenery. The hollow cave entrances have a strong call to eager explorers, and inside is a labyrinth of spooky neon green waters leading to hidden beaches.

Oxwich Fishing Competition 2013

The fishing event of the year we had all been waiting for, finally arrived. The Oxwich Kayak Fishing Competition, hosted by the South Wales Kayak Anglers (SWKA), was once again a huge success with eager fishermen travelling to the Gower from far and wide.

Gus represented Team Escape on the front line, trying his luck with a set of feathers that although worked well for Mackerel did not manage to bring home the gold.

In the end, the day was won by Mark Radcliffe with a very respectable score of 11 species. 
It seems that everyone is hooked on kayak fishing!

Friday, 19 July 2013

Team Member - Jim Hill

Name: Jim Hill
Hometown: Sunny Stoke on Trent

Current canoe/kayak/SUP(s) owned: Wavesport Recon 93. Jackson Super Star

Favourite canoe/kayak/SUP of all time: Dagger Nomad 8.5 but I think the Recon is going to take over that title! P and H Sirius.

Most useful piece of equipment owned (why?): Palm sling, so many uses! Rescue aid, mechanical advantage, tying boats on to roof racks, pulling boats up onto Nepali bus roofs, tying up my hammock, improvised harness, triangular bandage/arm sling, car tow, shoulder strap for my watershed bag…

A piece of equipment on the wish list (why?): Slider track for my new DSLR so I can make a slick looking video! And a few more Watershed dry bags because they’re so damn sexy (and dry).

An item of clothing on the wish list (why?): Kokatat Gore Tex dry suit for this winters Grand Canyon and Chile trip! Because it keeps you dry, job done!

Favourite type of paddling: Anything with the right people.

Favourite paddling location: Norway, so many rivers with so many sweet lines!

Best paddling experience: The big drop on the Jordalselva and multi day adventures in Nepal with JC.

Future trips on the wish list: A return to Norway, with a few of the Escape team, would be epic! The Zambezi needs to be done at some point too! BC. NZ again. California.

Current paddle wagon: Renault Traffic van. Thousands of miles and many months of epic road trips with the best nights sleep!

A song/artist/album which gets you motivated for a paddle: ”Rage Against the Machine” makes me go fast but I sing Norah Jones songs when I’m scared!

Favourite thing to buy from Greggs: Turkey and cranberry festive bake with a refreshing orange lucozade to wash it down.

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Gone Fishin'

With all these calm evenings and perfect temperatures, it would be silly not to get down to the local coastline and try our luck at fishing.

Gus landed a great looking Smooth-hound towards the start of the week, the size of which gets bigger with every new customer.

Tom got out for the first time on a fishing kayak on Thursday, sporting a bright Pink Fladen rod, and although it wasn't a particularly successful trip he is determined to get out again and catch a big one.


Friday, 12 July 2013

Gareth - French Alps 2013

Sunshine, great boating, and superb food and drink is what going to the Alps is all about. 

Gareth's French trip was planned out a little different to the usual camping and BBQ approach. Instead the group opted for a 4 star hotel, catering well for the experienced traveller who prefers to slip into the jacuzzi rather than a sleeping bag to end a hard day on the river.

With river levels continuing to rise it became increasingly difficult to find suitable graded rivers for everyone, and there were a few swims that made the first beer of the night even more refreshing!

Escape team paddler Jim Hill joined the group for the final days during his European travels and got stuck straight into the action, putting his rescue skills into practice.

A few non-paddling activities were organised to break up the paddling days, and just as well with such high levels. There was a day of rock climbing in the Chateau Queyras Gorge, glacier racing, and splashing about in Embrun Lake.

Another great French trip, and all of us here at Escape Watersports can't wait till next years Alps season!

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Canoeing in Cardiff

Finally a day off with a bit of sunshine and minimal winds, and seeing as there isn't much in the way of surf Tom decided it was the ideal conditions for an open boat trip.

Setting off from CIWW in Cardiff Bay, the lads headed up the River Ely and after passing Leckwith Bridge stopped for a much deserved lunch before returning.

Along the way were sightings of Herons and a few fish, but most impressively a large water snake which gets bigger every time the story is told!

A great way to enjoy the sunshine on a summers day.