Friday, 3 June 2016

Top 5 Products for Kayak Fishing

We've compiled a few last minute bits for having a comfortable day at Oxwich this year.

Drinks Holders

In the height of Summer keeping hydrated is vital.

Scotty Drink Holder - 311

This seems like a simple idea, but the Scotty Drinks Holder really can play a big part during your day at Oxwich. If you're using a Scotty Bait Board, then the drinks holder can fit right onto it. Alternatively you can use a Scotty Deck Mount, and position it in the best place on your kayak.

Railblaza have got their own version too, for those using Railblaza mounts.

Waterproof Phone Cases

Extremely useful if you plan to take photos with your phone.

Top of the list for phone cases is the Overboard Phone Case
We have tried and tested it time and time again, but it never disappoints. 

The Overboard Phone Case is available in two sizes which fit most phones, and the photo quality when you use the camera is amazing.

Kayak Seats & Backrests

A decent seat makes a huge difference after a couple of hours on the water.

The upgraded Palm Deluxe Backrest has more padding than ever, and is a great way to upgrade your seat at a lower cost.
Palm Deluxe Backrest

For something with a few additional features, have a look at our range of Skwoosh seats and cushions.
Using a gel base, Skwoosh seats give a super comfortable feeling all day long, and models like the Skwoosh Expedition High Back with Lumbar include places to store a tackle box and other accessories.

Kayak Trolleys

It goes without saying... dragging a kayak half a mile down the beach to the water is a pain.

Kayak trolleys like the Palm Caddy offer a good platform to carry a range of kayaks at a reasonable price.

For larger kayaks carrying a lot of equipment (typical when kayak fishing), we would recommend going straight for the C-Tug trolley.
The C-Tug is indestructible, and can handle just about any terrain and weather conditions.

You can now buy the C-Tug with Sandtrakz wheels. A new design, the Sandtrakz wheel distributes weight using a system similar to caterpillar tracks on tanks and tractors.

Camera Mounts

Because everyone loves a selfie!

It's not long till the Oxwich Kayak Fishing Competition. Be prepared for another amazing weekend!