Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Top UK Rivers For Kayaking | Lyndon Williams

With the weather starting to make a change, the days becoming a little colder and there being more rain about it can only mean one thing... the British whitewater season (AKA the Winter) is fast approaching.

The thought of more consistent paddle-able water for the next few months has got me thinking. What is everyone's favourite river (or section of river) to run in the UK, and what makes it so special?

The response I got after pitching the question on social media was great! Kayakers and canoeists up and down the country giving their reasons on why their favourite run was the best.
One thing that stood out immediately was the majority of people have a favourite run due to the pub at the end, and I loved that. Other reasons included beautiful scenery, and also jusy for good old fashioned fun!

High on the list was one of my own locals, the river Mellte, based in South Wales.
When you do that walk in and climb down the cliff to the put in, it's pretty intimidating to see that much water fall 60 feet over a cascade. This is shortly followed by a seal launch into the spray at the bottom of it, to start getting you on your way. The rest of the run is classic waterfalls and big rapids that won't fail to put a smile on your face!

Understandably the River Dart was also pretty high on this list. Sitting on the beautiful moorlands of Devon, this quality white water run has something for everyone. Those from the South West have grown up with it as a local run, and the rest of us frequently make the journey to paddle it, as one thing everyone will agree on is that it's worth doing at all water levels!

From South to North, a common name on the list was the River Orchy. This is often paddled as a classic in Scotland, and it's easy to see why! With its beautiful remote feel, ease of access, and pool drop big volume rapids, it is certainly a Scottish must do.

In Yorkshire, the river Swale appears to be a firm favourite. It requires some big boof strokes, that will leave you with a smile on your face (even if you don't nail it!).

There are so many more with great reasons, and I think this explains why kayaking brings myself and so many others the amount of happiness it does when you find a new favourite.

I have really enjoyed finding out what makes everyone's favourite piece of white water so special to them. Whats your favourite?