Saturday, 20 February 2016

Buoyancy Aid Clearance

Want a deal?

Check out these exclusive clearance buoyancy aids from top brands available at Escape Watersports.

Great for beginners. It will float you, and is ideal for a low budget. 

The Blaze is a good one to go for if you think you'll only be using your kayak once or twice a year.

A bit more tailored to tourers and kayak anglers. The Katarak has a couple of handy front pockets which can be used to carry phones, radios, knives, or anything you want close to hand.

A rear pocket can house a hydration bladder for long hot days on the water.

The bread and butter for freestylers, slalom, and surfers. 

The Yak Kurve is super low profile, offering amazing freedom of movement no matter what your chosen paddling discipline is.

Designed for long distances. 

The Yak Xipe has been a firm favourite with paddlers looking for a low profile fit without sacrificing any features like pockets and zips.

If you want to really splash out, then the Kaikoura is the way to go.

The Kaikoura hasn't changed that much over the years, because it doesn't need to. 

This has been the go to for kayak anglers, experienced touring kayakers, and coaches for a long time.

Worth considering if you're going to be touring on lower grades of moving water, or along your local coastline throughout the summer.

The Astral V-Tour is very comfortable to wear, and offers exceptional lumbar support which is ideal when using sit on top backrests.

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