Thursday, 12 February 2015

Review - Gul Ecotherm Bamboo Sock

We all wear socks. Well, unless you live in Jamaica, in which case you probably walk around bare footed or in a set flip flops. The rest of us wear socks though, they keep your toes warm, stop your shoes rubbing and help protect your feet.

But what if you're a water sports enthusiast like me? What do you put on your feet then? 
No matter what water sport takes your fancy, you need to check out the Ecotherm BambooThermal Socks by Gul.

Photo taken by: Adam Heason

My passion and love is white water kayaking, so I basically live in a dry suit. In the last few months the wetsuit socks I usually wear over my dry socks to protect them have become rather religious, holey is the only way to describe them! I was in desperate need of something new.

When the Gul Ecotherm socks appeared on Christmas day I was delighted, but also concerned by how thin and light weight they felt compared to previous socks. My initial thoughts were that my feet are going to be cold and then the socks will rip. 
However, I now know just how wrong my first impressions were.

These socks have nearly been glued to my feet! I've worn them kayaking, surfing and walking, they have been in rivers, a dirty canal and the sea. I love how they hold your ankle and support your dry socks before putting into your shoe. No matter where you want to wear them they are designed to be quick drying, making them naturally resistant to mould and bacteria preventing odour and skin irritation. The Gul Ecotherm Bamboo sock stays light weight even when wet so doesn't feel damp and heavy.

I've put mine in the washing machine and dried them on hot radiators, and they feel exactly the same as when I first opened the wrapping paper. 
I look forward to the summer, when the shorts are on and I can wear them inside my canyoneer shoes.

Photo taken by: Adam Heason

I truly believe the Gul Ecotherm Bamboo Socks are fantastic, and will be great for use in multiple water sports such as sailing or kayak fishing where wind chill makes the temperature cooler. 

Review by Lyndon Williams.

Check out the Gul Ecotherm Bambo Socks online and in store at Escape Watersports.