Tuesday, 19 May 2015

WRSI New Arrivals

WRSI Current Helmet No Vent

On first glance out of the box the WRSI Current Helmet looks fantastic, the colours really pop.

The first thing I notice upon putting it on is how comfortable the inside padding is, with a full foam lining the helmet really hugs without squeezing your head too tight.

The rear neck adjuster is a little hard to work to begin with, but after a few seconds of pulling it became clear what to do and how it worked to give my head the best fit.


WRSI Current Helmet With Vents

As you have probably guessed the main difference between the two helmets are the large vents cut into the top, allowing water to flow freely out of your helmet.

It still comes with the same comfortable padding inside, and shiny shell outside.

The small peak at the front is going to make a big difference when out on the water, just by keeping annoying drips out of your face it can make a days paddling far more enjoyable.

WRSI Current Pro Helmet

The Current Pro is such a stunning helmet. Beautiful design and colours make this helmet stand out from the crowd.

With the same comfort foam on the inside the helmet really feels like it cradles your head once it's on.

Ideal for all forms of kayaking the Current Pro features a peak to keep the sun out of your eyes as well as rain and unwanted splashes. The peak also moves up and down slightly to allow water to pass through without dragging your head back and hurting your neck.

Another great addition to the current pro are the ear flaps, they can be a little tricky to get your ears in to to begin with but I soon got the hang of it. The perforations make a huge difference to how much you can hear while still keeping most of the water out.



WRSI Moment Fullface Helmet Without Vents

This must be the most comfortable full face helmet on the market. The inside of the helmet is padded all the way around to the chin section of the helmet for added protection. 

The smaller ear slits do reduce hearing slightly, but I would say is a small compromise when the helmet is obviously trying to give you the maximum amount of protection possible.

As with the rest of the WRSI helmets the outer shell is gorgeous, the blue wave / river pattern running down the out side finishes off this beauty full helmet.

The WRSI Moment Fullface really does deliver the whole package.