Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Five Things I Wouldn't Be Without On The Water

Five things I wouldn't be without on the water. In no particular order here are just a few items I always carry, don't take up much space, and could possibly keep you and your buddies safe on the water and make sure you have the best possible day out! 

Overboard Multi-purpose Waterproof Case

Before I have even considered getting kitted up, I always check I've got a waterproof case that I can keep on me and not in my boat. Definitely important to make sure your vehicle keys and phone are dry and secure, in case you lose your boat for any reason. 

Throw Line

Right now there are some great choices when it comes to throw lines. The days of having some old climbing rope stuffed under your inflatable PFD have long gone.
My personal favourite at the moment is the Palm Lightning throw bag. I really like the weight, size and length. Anything longer than 18m and I just haven't got the accuracy I need.

Often people will carry a larger bag with longer rope, ideal for setting up more technical pulling systems, as well as something they can throw to a swimmer more accurately.

Watershed Ocoee Dry Bag

I've owned a Watershed Ocoee bag for quite a few years now. Having a bag I can trust makes me less stressed about carrying my kit, and allows me to concentrate more on the job at hand. Speak to working professionals in the paddlesport industry and they will tell you the same as me, that there isn't a better dry bag on the market.

Spending the money is totally worth it. I leave my DSLR camera in mine constantly, that's how much I trust this bag!

First Aid Kit

When the worst happens, and in the great outdoors that's not out of the question, you want to be prepared.
One piece of advice, don't carry too much in your first aid kit. Keep it personal to you and suited to the environment you are entering. Keep it simple and effective, it's called first aid for a reason. You don't need to be carrying a 2kg bag of cough medicine and headache tablets...

Rescue Tape & Karabiner

Okay so this one is 2 items, but they really do go hand in hand. Why have one and not the other? Having a safety tape and karabiner can be a cheap and valuable tool when rescuing, towing or even carrying your lunch up the hill.

The possibilities and uses are pretty much endless, and a crucial part of your kayaking kit.