Monday, 25 February 2013

Picking Up The Pace

With any BCU star assessment, putting in the necessary paddling time is a really key factor when it comes to passing or failing. 

Although technique is a crucial part of your paddling, having the fitness to go the distance is super important and when you're put in a leadership role it could save lives.

For Gareth and Co. this meant braving the cold on a February morning for a 14km paddle from Barry to Penarth, in preparation for an upcoming sea kayak 4 star assessment.

Navigation at this point is becoming second nature, thanks to continuous practice and some late night map reading. You really do need to train hard as well as play hard!

Monday, 18 February 2013

Creating Your Ideal Fishing Kayak

Sometimes it can be a lot easier to let others do the hard work.

Escape Watersports is proud to offer excellent service to all our customers, and adding on extras such as rod mounts to your newly purchased fishing kayak is just one way we aim to do so.

At a small cost of £15 per mount, this is an easy way to create the perfect fishing kayak that meets your particular needs.

Gareth adding a couple of rod holders to a Tarpon 100

So the next time you're in looking for a new boat ask us about how we can help make your life a little easier.

For more information on costs, times, and anything else please contact us at:

Tel: 01656 745774

Saturday, 16 February 2013

SUP Test At Coney

The sun is finally coming out early enough to get in a decent surf before the working day starts!

With the forecast looking good, team Escape headed to Porthcawl (our local surf spot) to try out the new Red Paddle CO Ride 10' 6.

The board inflates without too much strain, and purchasing a secondary high volume pump to get it started really makes a difference.
Being able to pack the board into a bag afterwards and stick it in the back of your car is definitely a plus when you have a full day ahead, allowing you to leave your car in relative comfort that your SUP board is safe inside rather than strapped to the roof.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

British Raft Race Series

The British Raft Race Series is becoming more and more popular as time goes on. The series in encouraging new blood within the sport and also pushing current racers to go harder in light of growing competition.

Escape Watersports supported the 2012 Llandysul Raft Race, and were even fortunate enough to enter a team which placed 2nd overall out of 20 teams that entered. Well done boys!

A really fun weekend was had by everyone who came down, and at the end of the day all walked away with fond memories and a small prize courtesy of Escape Watersports.

British Raft Racing hosted the National Selection event at Lee Valley in December, the winning teams of which are going to represent GB at the World Championships in New Zealand later this year.
With new age categories created for the World Championships thanks to its growing popularity, a youth selection event is being held later this month at Lee Valley which will lead onto the next big raft race event on the River Derwent.

A huge thanks to British Raft Racing for putting the time and effort into these events, making them such a joy to be a part of!

Monday, 11 February 2013

Sold on SUP's

Team Escape Watersports kicked off the week by travelling down to Tushingham Sails Ltd, to check out the popular Stand Up Paddle brands Red Paddle Co. and Starboard SUP.


Definitely a real eye opener to the growing popularity of SUP in the UK, not to mention within Europe and the USA. The sport seems to be going from strength to strength, and there are now a lot more options when it comes to boards, paddles, and equipment.

Gus has been pushing SUPs for a while, having travelled to Morroco, Ibiza and along the Welsh coastline, but myself and Gareth like many other paddlers weren't initially sold on the idea.
But the idea of having an inflatable SUP that folds into a rucksack which you can carry around with you on holiday and pump up when you get to the beach, is starting to seem like a really smart idea.

Touring, catching waves of all sizes, and the odd race makes this a great spring/summer investment and could even get some use during the colder months for keeping up fitness when the rivers are low. 

If you are looking for more information on Stand Up Paddling equipment please get in contact with us at:

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