Friday, 5 February 2016

What's New?

Escape Watersports has got brand new 2016 product lines in stock!


The ever popular Astral Green Jacket has been given a makeover, with sweet new colours and some added features, keeping it as a top choice for white water paddlers world wide.

The freedom of movement you get with this PFD is unreal. For those who like having kit close to hand, the front pocket has loads of space and doesn't look too bulky when full.

 The new Astral V8 and Astral Willis 515 have also landed at Escape Watersports.

The Astral V8 offers touring kayakers and sit on top paddlers a super comfortable ride, thanks to the high back with sits well over the kayak backrest.
The buoyancy aid is really lightweight, so you can barely feel it while paddling. Awesome for longer days on the water.

The Astral Willis 515 is more of a freestyle vest, designed for playboaters and surfers, or even racers who want to be a bit more streamline.
It still has a front pocket for an emergency knife or phone case, so can be used for river running as well.

Peak UK

Escape Watersports is now stocking the entire Peak UK 2016 range, and we're pretty excited!

Where do we begin?

The jackets look amazing, and they feel like they will take a lot of punishment.

For tourers, take a look at the Peak UK Adventure Double.
If you're a white water junkie, then the Peak UK Creek Jacket should be top of your list.

Summer time boating? You need the Peak UK Combi Jacket, which can be partnered with a set of Combi Sleeves for a bit of extra warmth.

Peak UK have redesigned their drysuits, adding new colours and moving the famous leg entry zipper to a more traditional shoulder zip.
Check out the Peak UK Deluxe Suit, and Peak UK Adventure for the brand new options.
Don't worry if you're a fan of the leg zip, this is still available on the updated White Water and Explorer suits.

There are new colours for the Peak UK River Guide Vest too.
This has been a coach or guide's go to PFD for years, and it just keeps getting better!

The neoskin has new logos, but essentially offers the same high quality neoprene for use as a base layer or on its own in the Summer.

Peak UK have got a few new thermals in the range, like the Stretchy Fleece garments and Tecwick Rashys.

The former feel so comfortable, and will be great all year round.

The latter is a bit more suited to warm weather boating.

If you fancy a bit of clearance stock, then don't panic, because we have plenty to offer in our warehouse sale. Check it out!

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