Monday, 28 January 2013

Trying out the Jitsu - River Tawe

Finally got to try out my new toy this weekend, the Dagger Jitsu.

The Jistu in action, with me sporting my new Palm Torrent suit and Amp PFD
The rain poured down on Friday and Saturday, so it was decided a blast down the river Tawe was in order to give the Jitsu a true South Wales kayaking baptism.

The Jitsu handled amazingly well down river. It made it easy to eddy hop with great acceleration and quick turning, great for finding the best surfing waves to play in, and when in the wave it was super stable and fantastic to throw about.

Rock slides, pool drops and awesome wave trains reminded me just how fun this river can be.
A really great day out had by all!

Friday, 25 January 2013

Matt Blue on BBC Radio 1

A new showbiz star was born this week, as our own Matt Blue of Blue Paddle was interviewed on BBC Radio 1.

Matt has recently been training up a group of celebrities who are going to be taking on the mighty Zambezi river this year as part of a Red Nose Day challenge.
The group went to the Lee Valley White Water Centre in London, where Matt showed the group just how demanding rafting actually can be. Check them out in action below kitted out with Shred Ready helmets, Palm Hydro Adventure PFD's, and Matt wearing his super durable Kokatat dry suit.

Interviewed by Greg James of BBC Radio 1, who is just one of the celebrities taking on the challenge, Matt spoke about some of the real dangers they will face out in Africa. This included an infamous story regarding a
 Spider bite on his bum ... to much information Matt!

You can find more information on the challenge and what the money raised is going towards here;

Well done Matt from all of us at Escape Watersports.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Flat Holm Triangle

Gareth taking precautions with spare paddles and a bilge pump.

If you're looking for a solid day out in your sea kayak then you might want to consider heading to Barry and setting your sights out towards Flat Holm.

The trip this weekend was undertaken by a small group. Loaded up with spare paddles, safety equipment, and extra sandwiches, the group began their paddle by following the coast Eastwards, before turning and making their way to Flat Holm, a small island off the coast by Barry.

An additional leg of the journey, carrying on to Steep Holm.

As always the group were blessed with beautiful Welsh coastline scenery, and once landed at Flat Holm they were able to walk around and explore the island.

It is really important to be prepared on trips like this. Make sure you understand that conditions can change quickly, and your plans must be able to do so too. Safety equipment is essential to have, although we always hope we wont have to use it, even if it is shared out amongst the group.

Saturday, 19 January 2013


As the famous saying goes, 'when life gives you lemons.. make lemonade'.

It's not often that we get a big dump of snow across the UK. This weekend Gareth decided to get out there and have some fun snowboating, another great use for your kayak!

Have a look at these crazy guys taking on some ski slopes in their kayaks! 

Please make sure that you stay protected if you give this a go. Helmets, gloves and thick clothing are wise. Safety first!

Monday, 14 January 2013

Penclawdd - LLangennith

This weekend we took a trip across the water from Penclawdd estuary, heading towards worm's head.


Photo by Sean Hurrell
Photo by Sean Hurrell   

Our group was greeted by a really crisp winter's morning. Beautiful scenery and perfect waves made for a fantastic day out on the water.

Friday, 11 January 2013

Sea Kayak Surf at Ogmore - Trecco Bay - P&H Aries 155

You can't keep Gareth away when there's a good bit of surf coming in. Check out how well the P&H Aries 155 handles on lovely rolling waves down Ogmore/Porthcawl.

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Newton Beach - Sea Kayaks

This weekend, Gareth managed to find the time to paddle with a few fellow sea kayakers down at Newton beach, Porthcawl.

The group took out a few different boats to try, including; the P&H Cetus, Scorpio and Aries models, and the Wilderness Systems Zephyr.

Such a beautiful winter morning, perfect conditions for a nice coastal tour. After a couple of hours of paddling, the group headed to a local fish n' chip shop for a well deserved treat.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Dagger's New Look

Dagger's new design concepts are definitely worth keeping in mind for purchases in the new year.

With a unique design for both the new Dagger Jitsu play boat and the updated Dagger Mamba, the Contour Ergo outfitting has certainly got our attention with a spectacular look and more adjustable settings than previously seen.

One feature of interest on both the creek and play outfitting, is the leg lifter which allows you to raise your thighs more effectively, giving you much more contact with the kayak. A definite plus point.

Dagger Mamba

Dagger Jitsu

The new Dagger Jitsu is sure to be seen a lot more in the next year, already becoming the play boat of choice for many freestyle paddlers. 

As for the Dagger Mamba, it has proven itself time and time again for many kayakers, and with the new Contour Ergo outfitting it is sure to become a firm favourite.