Monday, 22 December 2014

The New Escape Watersports Showroom

We take pride in listening to customer feedback, and learning how we can better the Escape Watersports shopping experience.

It was decided that the showroom was next on the list of changes, and changing it to start 2015 fresh and new seemed perfect.

So here it is, the brand new and improved Escape Watersports showroom!

Don't miss out on our in store clearance offers, updated and available throughout the year.

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Frozen Fingers

Cold hands is something paddlers and surfers know about all too well.

Gripping a paddle or swimming out becomes a lot more difficult when our hands are cold. Sometimes the pain can lead to silly mistakes, and can often cut a good session short.

Here is a selection of our favourite gloves and paddles mitts, as well as a couple of cheeky deals this Winter.
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Shaped to naturally fit around a paddle shaft. The Palm Grab glove doesn't hinder finger movement, and makes gripping paddles and liners easier than other gloves.

RRP £16.95 - Now £14.95

A multi-sport glove that lends itself to fiddly situations in cold weather, reducing the risk of rope burn or accidentally catching sharp objects like hooks and knives. The Palm Throttle glove is a good choice for kayak fishing, and quick rescue situaiton.

RRP £23.95 - Now £20.95

Often underestimated, paddle mitts (or pogies) are actually a sure way to keep your hands toasty during the winter. Palm Descent Paddle Mitts are made of a thick neoprene that attaches to your paddle and covers your entire hand, allowing quick release in emergencies, and they really are effective at keeping your hands warm.

RRP £22.99 - Now £20.99

The surfer's choice. Gul Power Gloves really get results in cold water thanks to 5mm of neoprene protection. The gloves also feature Dura-skin print grip on the palms, so you don't lose the feel of your board or paddle.

RRP £17.99 - Now £15.99

A snug fitting pogie, the Gul Scapa Paddle Mitt features a velcro wrist strap for added security and trapping in heat without trapping your hand.

RRP £22.99 - Now £19.99

Fantastic neoprene gloves, discounted to make room for replacement product ranges.
The Palm Kevlar Glove offers great protection from bumps and scrapes, excellent grip, and a comfortable material

RRP £25.95 - Now £14.95

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