Saturday, 27 August 2016

Stackpole Trip | Colin Chick

With the weather set to be fair for Sunday, I decided to head for Stackpole quay to target some big fish.

Saturday late afternoon I headed down to the quay to head out and hunt some bait, and I wasn't disappointed. Within a couple of hours I had plenty to keep me going all day, so I headed back to the van and made my way to my overnight stop.

05:00 the alarms rang. I leapt out of bed, smashed down a coffee and bacon butty, and headed off to the quay.
I was soon joined by some of my regular fishing buddies. We set up and were on the water at 06:00.

We first paddled out to a sandbank that produces fish on the ebb tide.

Disaster. The whole sandbank was covered in lobster pots, which meant we had to keep a safe distance to avoid losing any potential fish on the pot mooring lines.
Not ideal, but we made do.

A couple of hours passed. We'd had a steady trickle of dogfish, mostly disappointing but I wasn't worried as it was the second mark that I had originally earmarked as 'THE SPOT' prior to arriving.
This is where the fish are best on the flooding tide.

We paddled to the next sandbank, considerably further out than the first, and arrived bang on low water.
I picked a spot carefully, and dropped anchor in 80ft of water.

An hour later the tide started to run and so the fish started to bite.

A steady stream of Dogfish and Bullhuss (monster Dogfish) came our way. These were hammering the bait, but as a fairly regular supply of fresh mackerel were running through we were picking up fresh live bait on demand.

I stuck a live one down. Then I heard that burring sound I'd been waiting for.
I tightened the clutch and set the hook, then 7- 8 minutes later, after much sweat and grunting, sat in my lap was a stunning but angry male fish.

My target was accomplished, and I was one happie chappie on the drive home.