Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Dagger's New Look

Dagger's new design concepts are definitely worth keeping in mind for purchases in the new year.

With a unique design for both the new Dagger Jitsu play boat and the updated Dagger Mamba, the Contour Ergo outfitting has certainly got our attention with a spectacular look and more adjustable settings than previously seen.

One feature of interest on both the creek and play outfitting, is the leg lifter which allows you to raise your thighs more effectively, giving you much more contact with the kayak. A definite plus point.

Dagger Mamba

Dagger Jitsu

The new Dagger Jitsu is sure to be seen a lot more in the next year, already becoming the play boat of choice for many freestyle paddlers. 

As for the Dagger Mamba, it has proven itself time and time again for many kayakers, and with the new Contour Ergo outfitting it is sure to become a firm favourite.

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