Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Flat Holm Triangle

Gareth taking precautions with spare paddles and a bilge pump.

If you're looking for a solid day out in your sea kayak then you might want to consider heading to Barry and setting your sights out towards Flat Holm.

The trip this weekend was undertaken by a small group. Loaded up with spare paddles, safety equipment, and extra sandwiches, the group began their paddle by following the coast Eastwards, before turning and making their way to Flat Holm, a small island off the coast by Barry.

An additional leg of the journey, carrying on to Steep Holm.

As always the group were blessed with beautiful Welsh coastline scenery, and once landed at Flat Holm they were able to walk around and explore the island.

It is really important to be prepared on trips like this. Make sure you understand that conditions can change quickly, and your plans must be able to do so too. Safety equipment is essential to have, although we always hope we wont have to use it, even if it is shared out amongst the group.

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