Friday, 28 December 2012

Kokatat Meridian Goretex Dry Suit - Review

Paddle sport coach Matt Blue, of Blue Paddle, started wearing the Kokatat Meridian Goretex Dry Suit a few months ago.
In this time he used it during a commendable 30 days of active coaching sessions, including raft guide training and white water safety and rescue courses.

Here is what he had to say;

"The first thing that struck me was how light the suit is in comparison to other suits I have worn, especially when wet. The Meridian is a light suit and this means more comfort and a faster drying time, the GoreTex is amazing and the suit is by far the only one that I would call a dry suit."

"It is my first chest entry suit and I was a bit sceptical as to the comfort for kayaking and canoeing. Once your buoyancy aid is on and you have taken a few strokes, any thought of the chest zip is gone and the suit feels great."

"The feet have remained dry as and sweat free this is a joy as all other suits by now would have started to have let a bit in, I always use a changing mat and bang my shoes out before putting the feet in so I do take care of my gear."

The lifetime warranty that comes with all Kokatat suits is certainly something to consider, with the cost of their suits being more than other top brands. So far Kokatat have exceeded expectations, and we hope they continue to do so in 2013.

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