Friday, 6 April 2018

New to Kayaking? Here are our top buys to get you started.

So, you’re thinking about getting into kayaking but don’t know where to start? Well here is our starter's guide to what you’ll need to get out on the water.


Everyone who takes up a water sport is going to end up in the water sooner or later so it’s best to keep safe and always wear a buoyancy aid, below are our suggestions:

The slim design of the Palm Roam makes it a diverse buoyancy aid which is great for kayaking, sailing or SUPing.
The Roam has shoulder adjustment straps and a waist strap to ensure that you get a good, comfortable fit to help prevent it slipping off while in the water without restricting movement.

RRP: £34.95
Our price: £29.95

The Palm Quest kid’s buoyancy aid is specifically designed for little ones on the water. It features adjustable leg straps to ensure the buoyancy aid will not ride up over their face, keeping them safe and secure.


Our price: £31.99

After getting your kayak, you’ll need a paddle to get you going. The Palm Drift Livery 2-piece Paddles are very popular amongst recreational kayakers.

The Palm Drift Livery 2-Piece offers paddlers an affordable yet comfortable paddle, whilst still delivering on performance. The Drift Livery has the extra bonus of being able to separate into 2 pieces for easy storage and transport.


RRP: £37.95
Our Price: £34.99

One thing you don’t want to be worrying about on the water is getting your valuables wet, so a great addition to your kayak kit is a drybag.

The RUK 6L drybag is a heavy duty, durable and more importantly waterproof drybag. It is ideal for storing your phone, keys, medication and a basic first aid kit in while on the water, giving you one less thing to worry about.


Our Price: £8.00

When out in the elements it is important to stay warm and dry, whilst not overheating. The Yak Sladek Cag and Palm Pop Jacket do just that by protecting you from the wind and rain.

The Yak Sladek Cag is a brilliant entry level water sports jacket. It features glide skin inner wrist seals and a Velcro adjustable collar to give you a more watertight seal, helping to prevent water coming in.

Our Price: £35.00

The Palm Pop Jacket is a durable entry-level jacket. It offers comfortable neoprene wrist gaskets and an adjustable neoprene collar which can be opened wide for extra ventilation.


Our Price: £35.95

Keeping your feet protected and warm is important on the water, so give your feet the luxury treatment with the Gul Round Toe Zipped Power Boot.

The Zipped Power Boot is flexible but with a reinforced heel and toe for extra protection. The EZ zip entry system makes getting this boot and on off easy, perfect for first-timers.

Our Price:£22.50

So now you know what kit you need, you will be out and about on the water in no time. See you out there!

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