Tuesday, 20 March 2018

This Week's Hottest Products

Yak Styrian Paddle Bag

The Yak Styrian Paddle Bag is lined with a foam layer to prevent knocks and scrapes from damaging your paddles while in transport.

The Yak Styrian Paddle Bag is adjustable up to 2.3m, allowing you to store up to 4 white water or sea kayaking paddles at a time, and makes it ideal for home storage too.

RRP: £50.00
NOW: £34.99

Five Ten Canyoneer 3

The Five Ten Canyoneers are often used by swift water rescue services as well as activity instructors across the world. The boot features welded rubber rands which interlock with the mesh upper, eliminating any chance of delamination.

The Five Ten Canyoneers also offer great ankle protection, making the boot fantastic for long walk-ins or portages with heavy Rafts, Kayaks and Canoes.

RRP: £110.00
NOW: £79.99

Gul Felxor Hoody

The Gul Flexor is a warm, comfortable, neoprene hoody ideal for kiteboarding, SUP, and canoeing. It can also be worn as an extra layer over your wetsuit for added warmth.

The Gul Flexor is windproof and waterproof, making it the perfect garment for hanging around on the beach before and after activity.

RRP: £90.00
NOW: £63.00

Peak UK Adventure Drysuit

The Peak UK Adventure suit has all the features expected of a first class touring dry suit. Breathable and equally as durable, the Peak UK Adventure drysuit helps to maintain your body temperature at a comfortable level inside, while shielding it from the harsh weather outside with reinfocred high wear areas.

An articulated cut positions your body ready for kayaking, maximising your freedom of movement while paddling. The suit also features a flexible waterproof zip system, which is curved around the shoulder for easy entry and exit.

RRP: £569.00
NOW: £425.00

Peak UK Kidz Zip

Buoyancy aids don't often come as brightly coloured as the Peak UK Kidz Zip, making it a sure way for the little one to be seen on the water.

The additional buoyancy collar helps support the head and neck while floating in the water, providing extra comfort and keeping the wearer facing up allowing them to breath.

RRP: £65.00
NOW: £48.99

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