Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Top 5 Stocking Fillers

Mince pies are made, the turkey has been ordered, and there are a few little stocking fillers left to buy. 
Take a look at our top 5 paddling stocking fillers, and grab yourself a couple of easy wins this Christmas.

1) Adventure Lights Guardian Expedition

A multi-directional safety light. Adventure Light's Guardian Expedition Light is incredibly impact resistant, yet lightweight, giving you a non-restrictive aid during the darker hours of the day. 

The Adventure Lights Guardian Expedition Light can be fastened to the user or equipment using a variety of attachments, performing exceptionally well in situations where you need to be seen.

2) RUK Paddle Leash 2m

Perfect for use on open waters. The RUK Paddle Leash 2m is a must have when venturing out at sea, keeping your paddle safe and in reach during emergency situations.

The RUK Paddle Leash is constructed using bungee cord, with an adjustable velcro strap to fit the paddle and a plastic clip for attaching to the boat.

3) Palm HMS Screw Gate Karabiner

Palm HMS Screw Gate Karabiners are an excellent addition to any white water safety and rescue kit. 

Made from Anodised Aluminium, the Palm HMS Screw Gate Karabiner is strong, lightweight, and offers extra security during rescue situations.

4) Smiley Nose Clip

Smiley Nose clips are renowned for being the go-to nose clip on the market, small, comfortable and very effective.

The Smiley nose clip prevents water rushing up your nose, putting a stop to that uncomfortable dripping which can last well after you have the left the water.

Fitted with a lanyard which can be fitted to a helmet strap to prevent it from being lost. 

A must have addition to your kayaking gear.

5) Gul Hydro Aqua Grip Shoes

Gul Hydro Aqua Grip Shoe

A good looking, trainer style, water sports shoe that doesn't cost the world.

The Gul Hydro Aqua Grip works well on slippery surfaces, drains water quickly, and lends itself to a number of water sport disciplines.

For £24.99, you get fantastic quality, a good looking design, and will be safe when walking in and around the water.

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