Monday, 5 December 2016

Top 5 Staff Christmas Gifts

The staff here at Escape Watersports are getting into the festive spirit. 
So, we thought we would share our top 5 favourite Christmas products for a festive paddle. 


Company owner Gus is a big fan of the C-Tug Canoe and Kayak Trolley.

"Moving boats from the bank to the car is strenuous. The C-Tug Canoe and Kayak Trolley is a great aid to move big and bulky boats. If you have children, it also allows you transport additional equipment (or children) with ease." 


Tom favours the Stand-Up Paddle Board. Red Paddle Co. SUP Board Ride 10.8. 

"There's nothing like an early morning SUP session to start the day. A pre-work or post-work SUP paddle is a great addition to have as part of your day". 


Rhoswen, like all the Escape Watersports staff loves her Kokatat drysuit. 

"My Kokatat Gore-Tex Meridian Drysuit is by far my favourite piece of kit. Essentially, it comes up trumps when I'm paddling through the elements on white water and the sea."


Grant is a fan of the sea and fishing kayak. Featuring in Palm's catalogue Grant certainly pulls his favourite B.A. off. 

"The Palm Kaikoura is fab. Comfortable, with some great features for a day out on the sea. It's in the back of my van ready for when I head to the beach". 


Hannah loves wilderness expeditions and adventures on the river. Hannah wouldn't be without her Palm Safety Tape

"It has it's own pocket in my B.A. rolled and ready for use. It is a handy piece of kit to have and is really versatile. I won't leave the river bank without it". 

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