Friday, 10 April 2015

Swansea to Oxwich. A Walk in the Sun.

It has been a pretty warm Easter this year, and the idea of a day walking along the Gower section of the Wales Coastal Path sounded pretty epic.

We set off from base camp in Swansea, heading straight to the first beach of the day overlooking Mumbles and rest of Swansea. The cycle/walking path is right next to the beach, making it a super easy and very popular walk straight to Mumbles.

The next stretch takes you from Mumbles to Langland Bay. It starts to get a bit steeper at this point, and is the first real part of the walk that requires an extra bit of effort.
The coastline from here on is just stunning, and the path is well kept so literally anyone can experience it for themselves without risking their safety.

From Langland you head to Caswell along another easy well maintained path.

If the tide is out at this point you can cut straight across Caswell beach, and pick up the path on the otherside. This is where it starts to get a bit more tricky, as the nice concrete path from earlier is replaced with a steeper dirt track and uneven stones underfoot.
This is totally worth it for the views though, as you head on to Brandy Cove and Pwlldu Bay.

Oxwich Bay starts to come into view at this point, and once you've got to Three Cliffs Bay you are pretty much home free.

If the tide is still out at Three Cliffs, you can cut out a huge part of the walk by going straight across the beach which links to Oxwich Bay.

As you get closer to the end you can start thinking about what you're going to order at the bar, and if you're sticking around for a BBQ and bonfire in the evening like we did it's not a bad idea to collect some driftwood as you go.

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