Thursday, 2 April 2015

Llangorse Kayak Fishing Competition 2015

Founded by the South Wales Kayak Anglers, the Llangorse Kayak Fishing Competition has become the largest freshwater kayak fishing event in the UK.

This year the event gave anglers a chance to compete in the British Championship, and the turn out was tremendous with people travelling from all over including one competitor who travelled all the way from Sweden!

The day started off slowly, with strong winds and showers that did not encourage many onto the water. The competition was delayed to 11am, when luckily the wind dropped and the clouds turned a lighter shade of grey. Grant and Tom were straight out on the water, making the most of this gap in the weather and burning off the full English breakfast from the cafe.

Mike Harpur took 1st place with the 3 largest Pike on the day, and our Grant is sure he was robbed of the prize for biggest Pike!

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