Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Springtime Surf

There's certainly been enough surf to keep us happy so far this year.

Gareth even entered himself into a couple of competitions, looking to push his skills and bring home some prizes for the team.

The Rest is Best competition was first on the list, with participants from near and far coming to Escape Watersports home turf to show what they could do.
Ride Surf Kayaks came down with their brand new fleet of shiny surf kayaks, and we definitely like the look of them!

Next was Shoreline's Blackrock competition in Bude. A little bit bigger than expected on the day, but this meant there were plenty of big moves and even bigger wipeouts as well.

But there has been some white water action as well. A couple of trips to Hurley Weir and a more recent trip to The Bitches have kept the team entertained and happy, especially since the sun has come back!

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