Monday, 19 May 2014

Let the summer begin!

The warm weather is officially here. Summer has started and we couldn't be happier now that we can get out on the water straight after work, and start enjoying the sunshine.

The team took a trip from Ogmore by Sea, to Southerndown, testing out our new Tahe Marine Sea Kayaks.
Tom chose the Tahe Reval Midi PE, a plastic boat that tracks well but responds quickly making it good for surfing back to the beach after a long paddle.
Gareth went for the Tahe Reval Midi. This has a similar design but is a lot lighter, meaning you can get some real speed on the flat water.

A spot of rain brought the rivers up enough to get a quick blast down the local runs, and paddlers were out in force showing what they can do.

Sometimes it's easy to forget what we've got right on our doorstep.

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