Friday, 19 July 2013

Team Member - Jim Hill

Name: Jim Hill
Hometown: Sunny Stoke on Trent

Current canoe/kayak/SUP(s) owned: Wavesport Recon 93. Jackson Super Star

Favourite canoe/kayak/SUP of all time: Dagger Nomad 8.5 but I think the Recon is going to take over that title! P and H Sirius.

Most useful piece of equipment owned (why?): Palm sling, so many uses! Rescue aid, mechanical advantage, tying boats on to roof racks, pulling boats up onto Nepali bus roofs, tying up my hammock, improvised harness, triangular bandage/arm sling, car tow, shoulder strap for my watershed bag…

A piece of equipment on the wish list (why?): Slider track for my new DSLR so I can make a slick looking video! And a few more Watershed dry bags because they’re so damn sexy (and dry).

An item of clothing on the wish list (why?): Kokatat Gore Tex dry suit for this winters Grand Canyon and Chile trip! Because it keeps you dry, job done!

Favourite type of paddling: Anything with the right people.

Favourite paddling location: Norway, so many rivers with so many sweet lines!

Best paddling experience: The big drop on the Jordalselva and multi day adventures in Nepal with JC.

Future trips on the wish list: A return to Norway, with a few of the Escape team, would be epic! The Zambezi needs to be done at some point too! BC. NZ again. California.

Current paddle wagon: Renault Traffic van. Thousands of miles and many months of epic road trips with the best nights sleep!

A song/artist/album which gets you motivated for a paddle: ”Rage Against the Machine” makes me go fast but I sing Norah Jones songs when I’m scared!

Favourite thing to buy from Greggs: Turkey and cranberry festive bake with a refreshing orange lucozade to wash it down.

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