Friday, 12 July 2013

Gareth - French Alps 2013

Sunshine, great boating, and superb food and drink is what going to the Alps is all about. 

Gareth's French trip was planned out a little different to the usual camping and BBQ approach. Instead the group opted for a 4 star hotel, catering well for the experienced traveller who prefers to slip into the jacuzzi rather than a sleeping bag to end a hard day on the river.

With river levels continuing to rise it became increasingly difficult to find suitable graded rivers for everyone, and there were a few swims that made the first beer of the night even more refreshing!

Escape team paddler Jim Hill joined the group for the final days during his European travels and got stuck straight into the action, putting his rescue skills into practice.

A few non-paddling activities were organised to break up the paddling days, and just as well with such high levels. There was a day of rock climbing in the Chateau Queyras Gorge, glacier racing, and splashing about in Embrun Lake.

Another great French trip, and all of us here at Escape Watersports can't wait till next years Alps season!

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