Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Valsesia, Italy 2013 - Tom

Our trip started off with a bit of an epic at the airport. After much repacking and unforeseen spending (thanks Ryanair!) we managed to board the airline with moments to spare.

Not an ideal start to anyone's day!

We arrived on time though and were greeted by Jim and the PGL lads who would be joining us that week for some world class creeking in the Valsesia region. Tasked with the role of navigator, I was handed a torn out piece of map and we were on our way.

Arrival at Camp.

We got to camp and were straight on the water, blasting down the Alpine Sprint section of the River Sesia and ending the day with a BBQ and some well deserved beer.

The days to come were filled with some great runs on rivers including the Sermenza, Egua and Sorba. 
The levels did drop throughout the week a bit but there was always something to run.

The start of the entry rapid into the
Sermenza Gorge
The Sorba Slides

During a run through the Sesia Gorge we had a few close shaves, and by the end we were all ready for the traditional lunch of meat, cheese and bread followed by some outstanding ice cream. Of course it wasn't long before we found ourselves back at the bar ready to plan the next river.

Portage on the Sesia Gorge

River side lunch.

Ending with a reasonably chilled out run down the Mastallone, a solid week of kayaking was certainly starting to show by this point.

All in all though a fantastic trip and a stunning place to go kayaking. Definitely one to put on your bucket list!

Helping some fellow paddlers
with a boat recovery.

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