Thursday, 20 June 2013

Team Member - Tom Ruddy

Hometown: Bridgend

Current canoe/kayak/SUP(s): Dagger Jitsu

Favourite canoe/kayak/SUP of all time: The Dagger Mamba fits me well and goes where I want it to really easily.

Most useful piece of equipment owned (why?)Smiley Nose Clip, stops my nose dripping for a whole day after a paddling session.

A piece of equipment on the wish list (why?): The Kokatat Maximus buoyancy aid. Looks cool in black and fits really well.

An item of clothing on the wish list (why?): Need to replace my old thermals, so either a Palm Kaituna top or the IR Union Suit for the winter.

Favourite type of paddling: River running.

Favourite paddling location: Some cool runs up in Scotland, but a new favourite is Italy.

Memorable paddling experience: Laying back in an open boat with a fishing rod in the middle of a lake in Maine, catching more sun than fish, is definitely up there.

Future trips on the wish list: A return to the Alps for some creeking, but would like to check out some big waves in Africa or America

Current paddle wagon: The larger than life, Citroen C1.

A song/artist/album which gets you motivated for a paddle:
ACDC - Black Ice (Album)
Gorillaz - Dirty Harry

Favourite thing to buy from Greggs: Mexican Bandit Baguette.

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