Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Keep on top form for your up and coming trip!

Knowing you have a paddling trip planned is pretty exciting.

Maybe you are heading out this weekend, this Christmas, or even during the school holidays in Spring. Counting down the days and weeks, waiting until you can hit the water again adds to the "I can't wait" factor.

This said, making sure you have all the right kit to take with you on the trip (and trying not to forget anything), as well as organising and sticking to an itinerary can be stressful.

For me the most important thing to remember is to look after number 1 (That's you!). And by this I don't mean keep out of danger and portage everything, and there is also such a thing as taking too much kit...

Follow these simple steps and you will have a great time!

Take A Break
We all want to paddle well when we are on a trip, whether we are cruising something simple in the sun or up against a real challenge. A huge factor to consider is fatigue, and the moment you start to get tired is when your technique will slip and mistakes begin to creep in. Pretty obvious I know, but making sure you sleep well and rest when you need to is important.

Keep Your Kit Dry
From experience there is nothing worse than pulling up to your camp spot, usually close to dark, and finding out your dry bag does not do what it says on the tin. Often this can be down to user error, so always check you have sealed your bags, hatches and barrels.

If you have leaky dry storage you WILL be miserable at some point!

Look After Your Body
Keep clean, dry and keep warm. If you are paddling in a cold place you will want to make sure you have dry thermals and plenty of them, which will be your back up layers that can be swapped in when required.
Allowing yourself to get damp or cold will run you down super quickly. If you are in a hot place, wear sun cream and drink plenty of water to keep you hydrated. Doing the simple things like keeping your feet dry will prevent major injuries like foot rot.

Its easy to forget to do the basics!

Plan Your Meals
Plan your meals so that you eat healthy foods and enjoy a balanced diet. Easier said than done sometimes, especially on the road, but worth it. We burn a lot of energy kayaking and canoeing so make sure you stock pile those calories. Keep energy levels high and enthusiasm even higher!

Take The Right Stuff
There is no such thing as poor weather, just poor clothing. Be prepared!


  1. Is that you kayaking through the waterfalls. Amazing ! I mostly kayak on calm water and enjoy sunsets. I found a SIT here just for a change and i'll order one soon.

  2. Here in the northeast the kayak season is over but thanks for reminding us to stay prepared for next season, it will give me something to do while i'm waiting for next season. Amazing pictures by the way.