Monday, 7 March 2016

Welsh Winter Sun | Gareth Spendiff

This Winter has consisted of storm after storm, but eventually we had a break in the weather and South Wales produced a very 'Springy' feeling for couple of days, with beautiful blue skies, lots of bright sunshine, and zero wind.


So, it would have been rude not to get the sea kayak out and enjoy some of the Gower coastline on my day off.

An hour and a half before low tide I launched below Mumbles Pier and headed out past Mumbles Lighthouse, into the blazing sunshine and calm ocean taking a wide route towards Pwll Du headland. From here you could enjoy a clear view as far as Oxwich point in the distance.

After 5 miles of amazing scenery I landed on Bantam Bay to stretch the legs and open a chocolate bar. I sat there for half an hour watching a seal chilling in the bay with just the sound of sea lapping the beach until two low flying military helicopters came roaring around the headline and continued hugging the coastline and out of sight, which was pretty cool to see.

By now it was low tide and the sea was super calm. Lots of exposed rocks, gaps and wrecks were showing due to a very low tide cycle. I made my way back, hugging the coastline and exploring the gaps and wrecks along the sections between Pwll Du Bay, Caswell Bay, Langland Bay and Mumbles.

A great day in the sun. Bring on the Summer!

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