Thursday, 29 October 2015

Ace of Spades First Impressions - Eddy Mead

So after having a paddle in the Ace of Spades last Friday at CIWW, these are my initial thoughts about the boat.

The boat looks pretty big, with lots of volume packed around the cockpit front and back, this helps the boat re-surface really nicely when paddling through features.

It does handle like a large boat, and the rails are extremely soft and not catchy at all.
I think for a beginner/intermediate, it would be very good to learn in.

The outfitting is comfortable and well thought out, and obviously with the blow moulded shell it is extremely tough and stiff.

It hasn't got a huge rocker, but if driven it is quite a nippy boat and boofs really well.

The Ace of Spades does what it says on the tin. Tough, friendly, but will get you through sticky situations!

First test run of the Ace of Spades kayak.
The Escape team had fun testing the Ace of Spades at Cardiff International White Water on Friday. will you score Eddy Mead for this manoeuvre?
Posted by Escape Watersports on Saturday, 24 October 2015

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