Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Top 5 reasons you should be wearing a drysuit.

Drysuits are often the one piece of kit we keep putting off, because we can always just make do with that old cag and some taped up dry trousers right?

So why should you reconsider making the jump and getting yourself a new drysuit?

1. No more cold shocks.

That first step into the water, whether it's intentional or not, always sends a shiver up the spine.
In the depths of Winter, having your legs and feet covered means you can take that cold step without wincing and letting out a little squeal!

2. The cool factor.

There's no denying it. When you put a drysuit on, you feel like an action hero.
And when you feel like an action hero, you paddle like an action hero too.

3. That warm fuzzy feeling.

It's the layers underneath that actually keep you warm, but if those layers get wet you're going to have a bad time. 
Drysuits stop this problem.

4. Wet kit sucks.

We're pretty sure that everyone hates putting on wet kit as much as we do.
So when you're slipping into a lovely warm undersuit, ready to put on your drysuit which is still dry on the inside, make sure you don't look too smug.

5. Anti-faff

There's just no messing around with a drysuit. 
You get into it, and it keeps you dry. Simple.

For more information, and to view our full range of drysuits, head over to our website.

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