Monday, 6 July 2015

Show Up and Blow Up

Escape team member, Tom, took out a Boardworks Shubu 10ft 7 this weekend and hasn't stoppped talking about it since. 

I couldn't resist getting my hands on a Boardworks Shubu SUP when they arrived on Friday, now available for a limited time at Escape Watersports.

The bright colours definitely drew me in, but when I got up close and felt just how tough the board was for myself I was hooked.

It barely took any time at all to pump up, I wasn't expecting it to be that easy to get up to the recommended 14 psi.

If you think you've pumped it up enough, give another few pumps for good measure in my experience. You don't want the board to feel floppy on the water.

After an initial test paddle around the bay the fishing rod made an appearance. The board was stable enough for me to stand up comfortably while dipping mackerel feathers over the side, and even laying down flat it never felt like I had to really correct the board.

Definitely recommend it. A lot of fun to be had on this board, and it almost certainly makes me look a lot better than I am!

See our website for more information on the Boardworks Shubu 10ft 7 SUP.

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