Friday, 24 October 2014

It's All About Layers

Choosing the appropriate under layer can often leave us feeling hot under the collar.

Full thermals are always a smart idea in the winter time, providing you are wearing suitable waterproof outer layering to keep it dry (i.e. A dry suit). 

The Palm Men's Tsangpo and Ladies Trisuli one piece under suits are designed for coping with the cold. And they look pretty stylish too. These under suits are made of Palm's Core 4 material, which is essentially a fleece layer with quick drying properties.
They are super comfortable, which makes it easy to just stick it on in the house and wear during the journey to and from the water, with a jacket or hoody over the top.
Both have a zipped pocket, which is big enough to hold a set of keys and loose change, but you would struggle to get a phone in there too.

For a cheaper alternative, the Typhoon Lightweight Undersuit works well to keep you warm and feels comfortable and a bit more fleece like on the inside.
The suit is made using thermofiber fabric, which keeps is lightweight without risking any heat loss.

The Autumn months can make it a bit harder to judge what layering is appropriate. Ideally we would carry one or two different options with us, but this takes up room and can be a hassle when you're on the water.

Palm's Core 3 Seti top breaches the gap between warm and cold, offering an adaptable layer that is perfect for mild conditions whether you are on the water or just chilling out on a mild evening.

The Palm Seti's 'waffle' style fabric is beyond comfortable, and boasts quick drying properties making a fantastic active lifetstyle top.
I've worn my own down the pub after a day on the water, and it doesn't look out of place or like you're wearing a thermal top at all.
The Palm Seti will be good underneath a drysuit on milder Autumn/Winter paddling days, or as an extra under layer on really cold days in the middle of Winter.

Some variance of neoprene is always a good shout for keeping in warmth, and now we have much more comfortable options that don't hinder your freedom of movement like a standard wetsuit.

Palm's Kaituna tops are made using Neoflex material, which is a much softer and more flexible version of neoprene. This doesn't mean it wont keep you as warm though. On it's own on a warm day the Palm Kaituna feels just right on the water, and dries quite quickly too.
This does come in a women's version as well. Check out the Palm Wairoa for a female specific cut.

If you want something a bit thinner, check out the Palm Itunda top. This feels really lightweight, and is ideal for Summers spent on the water, but will also work really well as a rash vest under a wetsuit, or as a base layer under a cag in mild weather where overheating is still possible.

The Palm Itunda also has its own female counterpart, the Palm Malalu, which offers a better fit for women paddlers. Both come in a long and short sleeve version, but it's quite easy to roll the sleeves up on the long top if needed.

Similar to this is the Crewsaver Toki top. A long standing favourite, the Crewsaver Toki is quick drying and designed for maximum comfort.

Having the right layering for varying weather conditions really is a crucial part of water sport activities. Although your top layer will keep the water away, you will still feel the cold without a good thermal underneath.

So don't fail to prepare this winter season. View our range of thermals and under layers online, or contact our sales team for more information.
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