Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Safety first

Escape Watersports' staff member Gareth is known for his motorbike.

To end the summer, Gareth travelled out to sunny Spain for a week blasting around a track on his Yamaha R1, ending his evenings with a jacuzzi and a well earned beer.

Unfortunately with any extreme sport there comes great risk, and this time Gareth wasn't quite so lucky, coming away with a particularly nasty broken ankle that's left him bed ridden for a few weeks.

And the result...

Wearing the right safety equipment in any sport is essential.

Gareth was pretty lucky this time, but it could have been a lot worse without the correct helmet, body armour, and footwear to stand up to that level of riding.
The same principles apply to any watersport. Varying weather conditions require you to have the correct clothing to maintain a constant body temperature, and there's nothing quite like a close encounter with a rock or reef to make us see the importance of body protection.

We all wish Gareth a speedy recovery, and can't believe he's already ordered another helmet!

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