Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Don't Leave Your Keys

We've all been told a million times, and no doubt have even told others not to ourselves, but leaving keys while you go for a surf or a paddle is a definite no no!

Lock boxes or key pods have become more common for van owners who want to keep their keys safe during a surf session, but they are far from it. Some recent thefts down at Rest Bay and Coney Beach, Porthcawl, involved the thieves breaking into lock boxes and then driving off with the vehicles and their contents.

Last year, Tom was a victim of car theft while surfing down at Porthcawl, a costly mistake he has been careful not to make again. It turns out that a couple of thieves caught recently (listed in the article above) were there ones involved in stealing his car earlier in the year. Karma caught up with them eventually it seems!

Keeping your possessions safe isn't hard. Get yourself a small dry bag and tuck it inside your wetsuit, cag, or drysuit using a lanyard which is often included with the bag anyway, and you can double them up for phones and money for longer trips like touring or river running. Safety first!

Keeping possessions safe in a Palm First Aid Carrier.


  1. Thanks the great advice; I didn’t even think that there was a product like these dry bags on the market. I’m a surfer who doesn’t always use a wetsuit in summer- do you have any tips for how I can safely mind my keys without the risk of the lanyard falling off in the surf?

    1. We usually keep our keys in the drybags, underneath a rash vest or attached to the inside of our boarding shorts pockets.