Tuesday, 5 March 2013

A Calmer Run of the Tawe

Sometimes it's quite easy to forget to enjoy a leisurely paddle on calm waters, especially with fantastic white water river locations on our doorstep in South Wales.

Taking a touring style kayak or open boat on a nice open stretch of water is something we don't often get to enjoy in the UK, usually seen in places like America or Canada on the big lakes and rivers.

But there's something to be said for packing some food, drinks, and supplies to last the day; cruising out on a calm day, and basking in the suns rays.

What better place than the river Tawe on a beautiful Spring afternoon?

Just another reason why South Wales is fantastic for boating. The get in for this trip is near the famous Liberty Stadium which can be seen up close from the river on your journey. Paddling down stream takes you all the way to the Marina where you are stopped by the barrage. There are plenty of places for stopping and taking a break, although the journey itself doesn't take too long if you are hard on time.

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